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    Adjustment to Parenthood

    Having children can be a very beautiful thing. It is also a monumental life adjustment that brings with it many challenges. It is the kind of life change that no one can fully prepare you for until you experience it yourself. Parenthood can bring great reward, and it is also sometimes very important to receive support along the way to help you cope with the change as an individual or in your relationship. The adjustment to parenthood can feel isolating at times and you may experience a loss of the personal identity you knew before becoming a parent. It can be very helpful to connect with someone who will validate your experience and give you tips for coping, taking care of yourself, and staying in touch with your identity. It can also be helpful to receive ideas for your approach to parenting and staying on the same page with your partner. Having personal experience in this arena and knowing intimately the challenges that are involved in parenting, I am passionate about providing support to those enduring this major life transition.